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Season Registration

Spartan Boys Lacrosse: Spring 2024

Early Bird Registration: December 1-15, 2023

Use code EARLYBIRD23 at check out - $35 will be taken off as long as the SPARTAN WHITE package (or higher) is chosen.

Regular Registration: December 16 – January 30, 2024

Late Registration ($25 fee): February 1, 2024

Registration Closes: March 1, 2024

Registration includes a NEW Spartans uniform, NEW helmet decals, a Spartan practice pinnie, 8x10 team photo/Memory Mate Photo, and all league fees.

Recruiting BONUS: For every new player you recruit, you will receive $25 off your registration fee (refunded to you at the end of registration). Your recruit will enjoy the same $25 discount! Recruit enough players; you can get your registration paid 100% (Note: no recruiting bonuses above registration fees). More information below.

Required Equipment: stick, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, athletic cup, mouthguard, and gloves. NOTE: Specific helmet brand/version/color is not mandatory, but we would like to start transitioning the team uniform to BLACK helmets. If you need to buy a new one this season, buy black! No Club Team helmets are authorized to be worn without permission from the director and team coach.


**** Anything ordered with a player # will need to be confirmed first to avoid duplicate numbers. Expect an email confirming your number before the order is processed. ****

Spartan WHITE Package: +$35 - Custom Shooter Shirt with player name and # on the back. Adjustable Back Trucker Hat with embroidered Spartan logo on front, and “Spartan LAX” down the side.


Spartan GREY Package: +$75 - White package + Hoodie/Sweats with player’s number on the sweatshirt arm and sweatpant leg.


Spartan PURPLE Package: +$155 - Grey package + Custom Gear Bag with player name/# on side small zipper pocket. Spartan Lacrosse logo on opposite, ‘Colorado Mountains’ on front pocket.


Custom Spartan Helmet: +$225 - Matte black, Cascade XRS Pro helmet (retails $370). XRS Pro is the top-of-the-line lacrosse helmet in concussion protection, used by the PLL. Additionally, new modifications make it more adjustable to grow with the player. The XRS Pro will fit most players from 4th grade through adult. Select 'Yes' during registration if you are interested and you will be contacted with specifics or reach out to Josh via email.

Note: custom helmet will come in matte black with purple chin and grey jawbone. Spartan decals will need to be added.

Interested in Coaching? Boys Lacrosse Coaching Registration - Click Here 


If you have lacrosse equipment that your player has outgrown, in good condition, and you’re willing to give it away, the Spartans will take it to help new players get into the sport! Donated equipment will also allow us to help families that might otherwise struggle with the financial impact of lacrosse equipment. You can give equipment to your coach, or email

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