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Coaches Corner

Spartan Youth Club and the Arapahoe Youth League offers/requires the following prior to the first AYL Regualr Season Game:

NFHS Concussion Protocol Online Training  - This course is required by the AYL prior to the commencement of practice.  This is a valuable course, is free and does not take too much of your time.

Interested in Coaching?

All applicants will be required to register, pass a CBI background check, and complete an approved Concussion Course. Volleyball Coaching Registration - Click Here

Spartan Youth Club Code of Conduct

In order for our program to teach and communicate good sportsmanship and provide a positive educational environment for our youth, it is imperative that coaches, players, parents and spectators adhere to strict behavior policies. The goal of the Spartans Volleyball program is to provide a positive, healthy and competitive environment for our children and to eliminate unruly behavior by coaches, players, parents, and spectators. 

Required behavior for Coaches/ Players/ Parents/ Spectators: 

  • Display good sportsmanship at all times. LEAD BY EXAMPLE.
  • Provide positive comments for good play and effort.
  • Encourage players to be good winners and accept losses with good sportsmanship. SHOW RESPECT FOR THE GAME.
  • Always be cognizant that this is YOUTH sports, and the game is for the children and NOT for the adults.
  • Encourage love of the game, respect for the game officials and competitors, and teach sound fundamentals and technique for skill growth.

Prohibited behavior for Coaches/ Players/ Parents/ Spectators: 

  • Any un-sportsmanlike comments or behavior.
  • Any harassing of referees, game officials, Spartan board members or AYL officials.
  • Any harassing of opposing club/team coaches and spectators or Spartan coaches and spectators.
  • Any use of profanity.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Any physical and/or verbal threats to anyone in attendance.
  • Any direct or indirect criticism of opposing club/team or Spartan coaches or spectators, referees, game officials, Spartan board members or AYL officials.

All Head and Assistant Coaches are responsible for enforcing these Code of Conduct rules. The Head coach is ultimately responsible for the actions of their respective courtside. Any display of un-sportsmanlike behavior on behalf of a Player/ coach/ parent/ spectator will result in an ejection and suspension of the head coach from the next regular season or playoff game. A second ejection in the same season will result in the head coach's disqualification from all future regular season and playoff games.

Failure to comply will result in warning, suspension, dismissal from the league and all SYC activities or other action as deemed appropriate by the SYC president and Board of Directors.