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The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) are listed with answers to help our customer better understand Spartan Football.  Find your question and scroll down to that number on the page.  If you have a question not answered here please send an email to .

1.  Who may participate in Spartan Football?

2.  When does football registration start?

3.  Why does football registration start so early?

4.  When does the season/practice start?

5.  How do I register for Spartan Football?

6.  What is the cost to play Spartan Football?

7.  What does the registration fee cover?

8.  What equipment will I have to purchase for my child to play Spartan Football?

9.  Where do we purchase Spartan Football jersey and pants?

10.  How is a new player assigned to a team?  Are there tryouts?

11.  How are returning Spartan Football players placed on teams?

12.  How many players are on each team?

13.  How are jersey numbers decided?

14.  Where, when, and how often is practice?

15.  How many games are played?  When and where are they scheduled?

16.  What if we have a family vacation scheduled during the season?

17.  What if my child decides after signing up that he does not like football and wants to quit?  

18.  Who can be a coach?

19.  How can I help?

20. What is the Refund Policy?



1.  Who may participate in Spartan Football?

Any child age 6 to 14 (Grades 1 through 8), excluding high school students.  Spartans are a 40 year old Member Club of the Arapahoe Youth League (AYL) and as a result have a specific geographic territory that we serve.  We service Aurora, East Centennial, and Unincorporated Arapahoe County.  However, players from outside this territory can still play within the Spartans Football program, but are subject to a few additional requirements.  We have provided a map of Spartan territory on the General Information Tab.  Should you wish to play Spartan Football or you are unsure as to which Club Territory you live in, please contact one of the Spartan Football representatives.

2.  When does football registration begin?

Registration for Spartan Football begins by May 1st.  All registrations must be completed using the on-line system.  This allows our customers a more efficient registration process.  Please click on the registration link beginning May 1st.

3.  Why does football registration start so early?

The Spartans are a member of the AYL, which has more than 250 teams participating in youth tackle football.  Each club must define and commit by the end of June each year as to the number of teams by age and division that will particpate in teh league.  This is required to allow time for the all volunteer AYL Football Board to complete detailed plans for the season including game schedule, number of officials required, practice/game fields, etc.  This also allows ample time for Spartans to place players on rosters and recruit additional coaches if necessary.

4.  When does the season/practice start?

Regular practices begin Monday August 2, 2021.  Coaches will be allowed to contact players/parents on their rosters by early/mid-July to discuss practice schedules.  The regular season games will begin on a Saturday, August 28,2021.  The season is 8 regular season games with the top teams in each age/division of play advancing to the playoffs.  Playoffs and our seaon ending Super Bowl are completed by the weekend of November 6,2021 (weather permitting).  The season calendar varies year to year by as much as one-two weeks.  It is best to review the current season calendar listed in the Football section of the Spartan website. We will update our dates as soon as we get them form AYL.  

5.  How do I register for Spartan Football?

Spartans use an on-line registration process.  This on-line system makes it far more efficient for parents and our organization.  Credit cards are the preferred way to pay registration fees.  Please click on the registration tab for your Childs age group on/after May 1st. Registrations are not considered complete, until full payment has been received and acknowledged.

6.  What is the cost to play Spartan Football?

The cost for Spartan Football can change year-to-year. 


4th-8th grade football registration cost for 2021- 


Early Bird Registration- April 12, 2021 - May 31, 2021 @ Midnight - $375.00

Regular Registration - May 31, 2021 - June 30, 2021 @ Midnight $ 400.00

Late Registration- July 1, 2021 - July 31, 2021 @ Midnight $450.00

Any registrations after August 1, 2021 $475.00

Rookie football registration cost for 2021-

Early Bird Registration - April 12, 2021 - May 31, 2021 @ Midnight $275.00

Registration - May 31, 2021 - June 30, 2021 @ Midnight $300.00  


7.  What does the registration fee cover?

The fee covers many items including (but not limited to):

  • Registration costs which are league fees, insurance costs, coach background checks, etc.
  • Practice costs such as practice field usage & permits, coaching, and practice equipment.
  • Game costs such as game field usages & permits, including weekly field set up/tear down, official's cost, website scheduling and score reporting costs, and officials evaluation costs.
  • Spartan Football operating expenses such as bank fees, ongoing coaching evaluations and education, administration costs, copying costs, misc. etc.
  • 3 day football camp with the local high schools in mid/late July.
  •  Camp t-shirt, if you chose to attend. 
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Team Picture/Memory Mate Photo Collage
  • ***ROOKIE PLAYERS ONLY-Jersey is inclued, for 2021

   *we reserve the right to change dates or cancel (if needed) any events, due to weather or other reasons out of our control. 

8.  What equipment will I have to purchase for my child to play Spartan Football?

Each individual player is responsible for his own equipment and uniform.The required equipment includes a Helmet (Spartan Purple Gloss with black face mask), shoulder pads, football pants, and a cleated shoe.  Soccer cleats will work if you already have them.  If purchasing a new cleated shoe please consider purchasing a Football cleated shoe, which has a better base specific for football action.  Spartans and the AYL are extremely concerned about the proper fit of a player's helmet and shoulder pads.  Should you plan to purchase used equipment, particularly a helmet, please take the equipment to a reputable retailer to have the prospective purchase reviewed for safety.  Should you be purchasing new equipment we encourage you to shop one of the Spartan preferred retail partners for your purchase.  Our Spartan preferred retail partners will ensure a proper fit for your child and assist over the intervening years as your child grows to make sure everything still fits correctly.


*** Helmet color varies by manufacturer.  Riddle is high gloss purple, Schutt is molded purple or purple, Xenith is purple.  They have to have the shiny appearance, not the matte or flat look.

The required Spartan Football uniform consists of purple, white or gray pants (check with your coach first), game jersey - reversable, game socks, athletic supporter with a hard cup, and mouth guard (colored mouth guard).  We suggest that you purchase two mouth guards and fit both at the start of the season. 

 Once you are contacted by your coach you can purchase game jerseys and pants from the Spartan store.  Depending on the size of your child you will be able to purchase integrated pants.  Please check your email for deadlines for ordering.

9.  Where do we purchase Spartan football jersey, pants, and equipment?


you will purchase at our online store open 24hours CLICK  HERE - always verify jersey number with your coach prior to placing an order. 

Equipment can be purchased from:



Xenith will be holding a fitting for players in need of a helmet.  We have a team store with huge price discounts for new helmets/shoulder pads.  Helmets must be purple with black facemask and black chin strap.  You can place your order anytime between now and July 5th.  Orders will be shipped to you directly within 3-5days. Fittings will be Thursday- June 10,2021 6-9PM and Saturday- June 26,2021 10am-noon. Location- Sky Vista Middle School 4500 S. Himalaya St  


Team Store – team.xenith.com

Discount Code - XX3Spartan

All other equipment:
Dick's Sporting Goods                          http://stores.dickssportinggoods.com
6305 S. Main St Unit 

Play It Again Sports                              http://www.playitagainsportsaurora.com/  
18883 E Hampden Ave

10.  How is a new player assigned to a team? 
Can I request to play with a friend or particular coach?  Are there try-outs? 

A football player is assigned to a team based upon age and experience.  Age is determined as of June 1st of the current year.  We attempt to place a new player on a team with similar experience level.  Then if there are multiple choices we will try to match the new player with a team that has other players from the same school the new player attends or within the middle school feeder system.  Priority for placement is based on the actual registration date and time from our on-line system.

New Spartan football players may request to play with a friend or a particular coach.  This can be noted on the registration form.  If a team preference is indicated on the registration for Spartans will endeavor to grant that preference however there are other factors such as team level of competitive play, specific team roster openings, etc., that affect placement.  

Spartans Club evaluations are communicated to all Spartan Families through email.  We also post dates on our website and social media pages.  CLICK HERE 

11.  How are returning Spartan Football players placed on teams?

Returning players who are registered and paid in full by June 4, 2021 of the current year will automatically be assigned to the same team they played on the previous season.  The player's jersey number used by that returning player will also be guaranteed if the registration is paid for by June 4,2021.  Should a returning player fail to register and pay by June 4, 2021, there is no guarantee that they will be placed on the same team's roster.   


Should a returning player wish to change teams, for any reason, please contact the Spartan Football Director at football@spartanyouthclub.com.  Please do this as soon as possible so we can advise and assist you in making the requested change.  Please understand that a returning player that wishes to change teams must still register by June 4, 2021. If your child is placed on a new team, you may need to purchase a new uniform, if their pervious roster number is not available.  

12.  How many players are on each team?

Team size can vary depending on the number of kids registering to play.  Spartans has target roster sizes, varying by competitive division of play to ensure the minimal financial requirements are met.  Those roster size targets are NFC - 18 players,  AFC - 20 players and RFL - 12 players

13.  How are jersey numbers decided?

During registration you will make a number request.


Returning players: must be registered and paid, no later than June 4, 2021, to guarantee uniform number.  This is only guaranteed if you are planning to return to the same coaches’ roster as last season.  If you register and pay later than June 4, 2021, you may have to buy a new jersey, if that number is no longer available.  


New players: requested roster numbers of uniforms, will be considered and will be given if available.  

14.  When, where, and how often is practice?

The Spartans pay for practice field permits from Cherry Creek Schools, Arapahoe Parks & Rec. District, City of Aurora Parks & Rec., and Aurora Public Schools.  Most teams will practice 2-3 (1st-6th) or 3-4 (7th and 8th) evenings during the week and one practice on Saturdays during the pre-season.  The start and end time of practice is determined by the Head Coach and generally takes into account the Coach's work schedule as well as the school schedule our players are under. 

The number of practices per week is regulated by the AYL Football Rules.  The AYL allows up to four playing periods per week in pre-season up to and including the first game.  All playing periods may include exercise and/or contact.  Spartan coaches generally manage the weekly number of practices in accordance with their team's age.  After the first game teams are allowed four playing periods, however one of these periods must be a team meeting or chalk talk.  NFC teams are allowed a walk thru instead of a chalk talk.  Playing periods consist of practice and games for each week.

15.  How many games are played?  When and where are they scheduled?

The AYL regular season generally consists of eight games.  Teams can qualify for post season playoffs.  The number of games played during the playoffs can vary based upon the number of teams in an age division.

The AYL is comprised of Member Clubs establishing teams in the South Metro area communities of Littleton, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, SE Denver, South Aurora, Parker, and Castle Rock.  Games can be played in any of these locations at specific parks.

Regular season games are scheduled for Saturday's with the earliest game at 8:30 or 9:00 AM and the latest game scheduled for 3:00 PM.  On some fields we may have later games being played under the lights starting at 5:00 and 7:00 PM.  The first regular season game is scheduled for the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend.  The regular season runs through the end of October/early November.  Post season playoffs being immediately following the conclusion of the regular season and continue with the AYL Super Bowl that always is completed no later than the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Please understand that games may be postponed by weather, field issues, or other problems resulting in game cancelations.  Games are typically rescheduled on Sunday the week following the cancelation, eight days later.  Also, some playoff games may need to be scheduled on Sundays to be certain the entire playoff schedule can be completed prior to the mandatory end of the season.

The AYL will make every attempt to allow for four home games and four away games, there is no guarantee that your team will get four home games.  The AYL contract with the officials states that we must schedule a minimum of three games at each field to be used on game days.

****All 8th grade games must be scheduled on fields with goal posts this season.  The AYL will schedule all 8th grade games at the same fields by division.  For example, CFC will play on the same field (9-11-1-3) for one week and then move to a different field for the next week.

16.  What if we have a family vacation scheduled during the season?

Football requires a significant preparation and practice as well as a strong commitment to the team.  Family vacations during the season are highly discouraged.  Depending on team rules, playing time may be impacted because of the time your player misses because of the vacation.  You are encouraged to schedule your vacations prior to or after the season to avoid playing time impacts.  If you must schedule a family vacation during the season please inform your Head Coach as soon as possible to understand how your team may be impacted.

17.  What if my child decides after signing up that he does not like football and wants to quit? 

After the season starts, we have a no-refund policy. Registration fees are based on a variety of costs.  These fees are determined by AYL player costs, permits, insurance etc.  Due to our sports seasons accruing costs prior to the start of the season, we pay in advance for our players.  Player withdrawals still result in an out of pocket cost to the Spartan Youth Club, so NO refund will be issued after the start of a season.  No exceptions!

18.  Who can be a coach?

Anyone can apply to be a Head or Assistant Coach.  All coaching candidates will go through a certification process.  The process involves filling out an application, undergoing a CBI background check, and completing an interview with Spartan Football representatives.  All Spartan Coaches are required to attend any mandated AYL Coaches Training sessions and are encouraged to attend local coaching clinics if they can as well. 

All Spartan Coaches must complete the NFHS Concussion Training Course annually.  We encourage parents to take the concussion course to become familiar with the signs and dangers of concussions.  The course information can be found on the NFHS site:  www.nfhs.org

19.  How can I help?

Each team will need help with a variety of jobs throughout the season.  Please communicate with your coach about helping with the chain crew, play counter, play auditor, team mom, etc.

20. What is the refund policy?

Spartan Youth Club understands that occasionally, a player may need to withdraw from registration. Due to unforeseen circumstances, you may need to request a refund.  Refunds must be made in writing and submitted to April at sportsadmin@spartanyouthclub.com. We can issue refunds prior to the start of a season (first regular season practice day), minus a $25.00 administrative fee. After the start of any season, registration fees are NON REFUNDABLE. The Spartan Youth Club is a 501C3 non profit organization.