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2023 Spartan Football

Player Evaluations


Player evaluations are for any players in search of a new team or looking to change teams.  This will be a controlled contact Evaluation.

All participants MUST be in a football helmet, mouthpiece, and shoulder pads. NO leg pads. 

Once evaluations are completed, Spartan football board, will be in contact with team availability. 

Evaluations are open to players in grades 4th-8th.


Participants wanting to attend voluntary evaluations MUST be registered.  CLICK HERE to register. 

Evaluations are voluntary and are NOT REQUIRED, for participation in Spartans Football. 

Evaluation date:

     April 19, 2023




     Mission Viejo Park (North open field)

     3999 S. Mission PKWY

     Aurora, CO 80013


*Date is weather permitting (backup date is 4/26/2023)