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Covid-19 Policies and Entrance instructions for all gyms—Coaches—Please make sure every player on your team receives these instructions.

The below applies to every individual facility.  YOU must enter as a team at the same time at every facility.

5on5 TeamsMaximum of 23 people will be allowed to enter with your team party.  This includes players, coaches, scorekeeper, and any spectators.  No late entry. 

Team Size: Maximum of 8 players per roster. 

No Late Entry - There is no late entrance into any facility – this includes coaches and players.  You must be on time so you can enter with your team party.  Usually we allow you into the gym 3-10 minutes before game time.  If your team plays two games in a row, one spectator may not switch with another spectator.  Once you exit a facility you will not be allowed to re-enter for the current game. 

Teams that do not play back to back must exit the facility and wait outside between games.  You may not remain in a gym while NOT playing a game for any reason.  If teams exit and then re-enter for a second game a different spectator may enter the second time.  (if you still have 23 or fewer people in the team party)

Sanitize the ball - We have asked the referees to use the provided sanitizer solution to clean the game ball as much as feasible during the games and at half time and end of game.  A coach is always more than welcome to clean the ball.

Sanitize benches - It is the coach’s responsibility to use the provided sanitizer to sanitize the team bench before you allow your team to claim your team bench. 

No spectator seating is provided – spectators may bring your own chair.

Social Distancing – please sit or stand six feet apart from anyone not in your family unit.

Sanitizer – every player must have their own hand sanitizer.  Players should sanitize their hands upon entering and leaving the game. 

Masks – Everyone MUST wear a mask, including players while playing, coaches while coaching, and scorekeepers while keeping score.  Below is the guidance from the State of Colorado website.  If this mandate changes, we will change adapt to whatever the State mandate instructs.