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Fill out the game information side of the sheet. Wright on the front top, the head refs’ number, and name, as you will need this to enter on link. 

During every game, you need to assign a person to keep track of plays and score on the blue sheet. After the game, both teams and refs will sign the blue sheet, take a photo of front and back, as the ref will take the original with them. Refs’ will help new teams and answer any questions regarding how to fill out/use blue sheets.

After EVERY Game, you must submit your blue game sheet to AYL.  These are due to be turned in by 11:59PM on Sunday.   If they are not turned in on time it is A $25 fine per missing blue sheet. Head Coach is responsible for paying for any missed/incorrect blue sheet fines.

Link for COACHES to submit blue sheet to AYL:


They should see a picture of football players on the top.

This year AYL will not waive fines if you fill out the wrong sheet.   These instructions are very clear.

You will need to print a game sheet for every game with the link provided, front and back.  These do not need to be printed on blue paper. 

4th – 8th Grade Blue sheet

1st/2nd and 3rd Grade Blue Sheets