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Below is a list of equipment needed to play lacrosse:


1) Helmet

    We recommend white helmets, but any color helmet will work

    A snug fit is important. 

    Players should not play with a helmet too big or too small.....

    Preferred brand is CASCADE  (we have 'helmet wraps' available for most models)

    They make several different models based on the age/experience of the player

    Younger kids:  CS, CS-R, CPV-R   Older kids:  CPX-R,  R

2) Shoulder Pads

3) Elbow Pads

4) Gloves

5) Lacrosse Stick

     A good pocket is CRITICAL.   

     New sticks from sporting goods stores usually have very hard mesh and

     the pocket is usually not deep enough.  Consider having it re-strung.....which can

     make all the difference in the world!    

6) Cup

7) Cleats


OPTIONAL:   Spartans Helmet Wrap  

Click on the "Helmet Wrap" option from the drop-down menu for additional details.