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K/1 Rules of Play


The K/1 program is designed to introduce young players to the game of basketball in a safe and fun environment.  The “rules” for K/1 are intended to support this goal.  All games will be played on 8’ baskets.

  • Man to man defense only, no zone.  Players may double-team in the lane
  • Players may not steal the ball when the opposing player is dribbling outside of the lane
  • Inside the lane, a defensive player may steal the ball from a dribbling offensive player as well as double-team
  • Stealing is allowed when opposing player is passing the ball
  • Jump ball to start the game; ball given on the half court line according to the possession arrow after that
  • Alternate possession rule when a player from each team has possession at the same time

Four 10 minute quarters with running clock; mandatory substitution after 4 minutes; three minute halftime—substitutions are NOT timeouts, please be prepared and make the substitutions quickly in order to keep the games on schedule

  • Players will match up according to colored wristbands and are required to stay with that player while on defense
  • Traveling, 3-seconds and double-dribbles are called leniently and only when the rule has been grossly violated