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With the start of games the AYL needs to remind everyone of the guidelines for safety for all those in attendance at our games.  Our governing bodies are responding rapidly to any change in the environment associated with this Pandemic.  As a result our AYL Guidelines will be very flexible and ever-changing to make sure we are as consistent as possible with the Health Department requirements. 

First and foremost if anyone, player, coach, or spectator is not feeling well or has any symptoms such as coughing, sneezing or temperature PLEASE stay home so as to not impact the rest of your team and families.  Parents are responsible for their child

Generic Guidelines:

  • We must allow time between games to clear the first teams out of the way and allow the second set of teams to get some warm up time before their game all the while being cognizant of any social distancing requirements.
  • All Spectators, Coaches, and players are recommended to wear a mask when not able to social distance
  • For some fields, (Clement Park, Schaffer Park, Aurora Sports Park, and Dove Valley) players, coaches, and umpires must wear a mask even during the game
  • While in dugout, players should wear masks, and spread out to social distance which may outside the dugout
  • Coaches must have hand sanitizer/wipes available during the game
  • Players/coaches must bring their own water/drink bottle - no sharing of drinks.
  • Spectators are limited to two persons per player, please respect this limit to ensure everyone that wants to can attend the games.  Spread out at the field and don’t stand only behind home plate. Spectators at (clement Park, Schaffer Park, Aurora Sports Park and Dove Valley) must wear a mask at all times.