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  1. When does Registration Open?  Registration usually begins in late November and closes in early February for A/AA League.  The Competitive league AAA/Majors opens in November like the A/AA but closes earlier about mid-January. Specific registration opening and closing dates vary slightly year to year.
    Link to Spartan Registration Page. Registration closes on January 31st 2020 for AAA/Majors and February 8th 2020 for A/AA
  2. What does the registration fee cover?  The fee covers practice permit fees, game balls,practice balls, umpires, 14-18 game season, games on the best youth fields in the Metro area.  Rec league teams also receive team gear such as catchers equipment. Players provide their own helmet.
  3. How much is the uniform?  The uniform for the single A and Double A rec league is about $100-$125 depending on the accessories purchased.  The uniform for the competitive AAA/Majors teams depends on the team.  Talk to your coach.
  4. How do I determine what age my son should register for? The AYL (Arapahoe Youth League) of which the Spartan's play, uses USSSA rules with minor modifications (AYL Baseball Rules Link).  Currently we use the age of your son on May 1st of each year to determine the age for play.  Player's can play up 1 year so a 9 year old can play 10’s.  If you’re interested in your child playing up 2 years, that requires a vote and approval of the AYL Baseball board.  Not always granted.
  5. My son has a friend and they would like to play on the same team, is that possible?  Yes, On the registration form there is a question where friend requests can be placed.  Have each other place their names in the box for each other.  We do our best to honor these requests when building rosters but its not guaranteed.
  6. When I register my son can I request a specific coach?  Yes you can, when registering your son there is a location on the form where you can put a name in for a specific coach.  We do our best to honor these requests when building rosters but its not guaranteed.  This only applies for A/AA players.  AAA/Majors players should receive a registration code from their coach, enter the code when prompted during the registration process.
  7. Can a team sign up for Majors?   all AAA/Major teams sign up for AAA and then play in a pre-season seeding tournament.  League placement is determined by the pre-season tournament results.
  8. How do I register my son for AAA/Majors Team/ League?   Coaches of the AAA/Majors teams control their rosters.  Roster spots are obtained by coaches invitation only.  To find these coaches of competitive teams please refer to questions below.

Levels of Play/Age:



  1. What’s the difference between A/AA and AAA/Majors?  Single A is designed for 1st or 2nd year players.  Double A is for 2nd year and up.  The competitive AAA/Major is for the most proficient of players.  Typically the competitive teams will participate in tournaments in addition to our league.
  2. How does my son get on a Competitive AAA/Majors team?  Start networking now, this baseball season, for next years team!!  The Spartan Youth club has no ability to place players on a competitive team roster without the consent of the coach.  Team tryouts are typically held shortly after the baseball season ends and into the fall or winter.  Competitive teams will usually practice throughout the winter at indoor facilities.  If you miss the tryouts but wish for your son to play at this level we suggest having your son network with classmates to obtain information about teams, visit our Spartan Youth Club website on our tryout page for possible opportunities and visit local baseball training facilities.
  3. What age’s can play and what levels do you offer?  We DON’T offer T-Ball.  We have coach pitch for ages 5-8.  We do offer player pitch for an 8AAA league.  Ages 9-14 play Player Pitch.       
                   Levels of Play for ages 9-14:               
                              Single A and/or Double A Recreation league   
                              AAA (D2) and Majors (D1) Competitive leagues

Coaching/Existing Teams



  1. I’m Interested in coaching, how do I get involved?  Visit our website registration area and fill out the volunteer/coaches form (Link to coaches registration form).
  2. I have a team I would like to bring to your league, what should I do?  Register as a coach, have your players register on-line and put your (Coaches Name) name in the form as their “Requested Coach”.  Please make sure all of your players sign up for the same age and level of play.




  1. When does the season start/end?  Registration closes in early February for A/AA players; Mid January for AAA/Majors players.  Rosters are given to coaches in late February along with practice permits.  Practices begin in early to Mid-March.  Games begin usually in early April and continue through June with the league post season tournament in July. 
  2. When does the season schedule come out?  The league schedule is released for the AAA/Majors around Mid-March and the A/AA schelule is released in late March.
  3.  Are games scheduled over the 4th of July weekend?  No games are played over the 4th of July weekend.
  4. When are games played?  The A/AA teams play Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. 
                                               The AAA/Majors play Monday thru Thursday.
  5. Where are games played?   Games are played through out the South Metro area, Aurora, Castle rock, Highland Ranch, Littleton, Parker, and Centennial.
  6. Are there tryouts for A/AA teams?  No tryouts, Players are placed onto rosters via Spartan Baseball Delegates, Coach requests or Friend requests.
  7. How do I find a Competitive team for my son?  First and foremost start your search early.  Aug, Sept. and Oct are the most popular months for coaches setting up tryouts for competitive teams rosters for teams playing the following spring/summer.  We also suggest you have your son network with other classmates at school to locate teams.  Keep checking our website in the fall each year for teams posting tryouts.  Visit local baseball training facilities where teams will practice and post flyers advertising future tryouts.  Occasionally we have seen teams advertising tryouts on the internet at websites such as Craigslist.  Google searches may provide information about teams with their own websites.
  8. Refund Policy? Spartan Youth Club understands that occasionally, a player may need to withdraw from registration. Due to unforeseen circumstances, you may need to request a refund.  Refunds must be made in writing and submitted to April at sportsadmin@spartanyouthclub.com. We can review refund requests prior to the start of a season (first regular season practice), once approved, a $25.00 administrative fee with be applied.  After the season starts, we have a no-refund policy. Registration fees are based on a variety of costs.  These fees are determined by AYL player costs, permits, insurance etc.  Due to our sports seasons accruing costs prior to the start of the season, we pay in advance for our players.  Player withdrawals still result in an out of pocket cost to the Spartan Youth Club, so NO refund will be issued after the start of a season.  No exceptions!


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