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Before you register your child, please note that due to the possibility of inclement weather, availability of fields & officials, canceled games are generally rescheduled on Sundays. Also, some playoff games & Super Bowl games will be played on Sundays. All participants of Spartan football must understand & accept this as a possibility before registering to participate in Spartan football!



All registered players must attend the mandatory weigh in on a Saturday within the first two weeks of August.  Date, Time and Location TBD.    If your player does not weigh in prior to the first game they will not be able to play.  There are no exceptions.




The following Parent Code of Conduct was implimented in 2018 and is part of the registration process.  You cannot register without clicking the acknowledgement of the Code of Conduct.  Any violation of the Code of Conduct will result in a suspension for 1 game,  Any Coach/Parent/Spectator that receives 2 suspensions in the same season will result in expulsion for the remainder of the season. Coaches/Parents/Spectators that are expelled will have to go before the Conduct Committee for reinstatement.


Spartan Youth Club Code of Conduct


The goal of all Spartan Youth Club (SYC) sport programs is to provide a positive, healthy, and competitive environment in which our children can learn and play. We strive to promote good sportsmanship, integrity and citizenry.  In order for our organization to achieve these goals, it is imperative to teach and model these values and maintain adherence to the behavioral standards put forth by the SYC.


It is expected that all coaches, players, families, and spectators behave in a manner that promotes these goals and values and reflects favorably upon the Spartan Youth Club.


At any SYC sponsored and/or sanctioned practice, game, tournament or event coaches, players, families, and spectators shall:

  • Display good sportsmanship during games, practices, SYC/AYL events, and anytime while representing the SYC.
  • Use only positive comments and appropriate language while participating in any game, practice, or SYC/AYL event.
  • Show respect to the opposing players, opposing coaches, officials, and spectators prior to, during, and after any competition.
  • Follow all rules and regulations governing the parks, buildings, and stadiums used for any SYC/AYL game, competition, or event.
  • Refrain from using and/or possessing any illicit drugs or alcohol while attending any game, practice, or SYC/ALY event.
  • Respect the property, facilities and equipment at all SYC events.  Premises, property, furnishings and equipment shall be left in equal or better condition than was initially encountered.


It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to uphold the SYC Code of Conduct and ensure adherence by players, families, and SYC spectators. Coaches may be penalized for actions of players, parents, or spectators that are found to be in violation of these behavioral expectations. Infractions may result in any of the following consequences for coaches, players, families, and spectators:

  • Written warning and probation
  • Suspension from games, practices, or SYC/AYL events
  • Dismissal from team and forfeiture of all registration fees
  • Restriction from present and future participation in any SYC activity
  • Referral to proper law enforcement or government agency



Spartan Football encourages every parent to become a member of USA Football to be informed about the latest information available about football. Membership is free for all parents!  


The following links will take you to articles and webinars on how best to prepare your player for the upcoming season.

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