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  • When inclement weather approaches, especially for lighting, please take cover immediately. 
  • Go to a safe place or car; DO NOT stay in the dugouts. 
  • When lighting is in the area, within 8-10 miles, the umpire shall postpone the game for a time period of not less than 15 minutes. If it is determined after 15 minutes the danger still exists, another 15-minute delay shall be called, after which if the danger or conditions warrant, or the fields are unplayable, the game will be suspended and may be resumed at a later date from where the game left off depending on the time left and innings played. See Rule 16.1
  • It is strongly recommended that an independent and objectively verified weather app (such as the WeatherBug Spark App, Storm by Weather Underground, or the National Weather Service app) be available at all outdoor activities, including practices and games.
  • Officials, Coaches, and players must not leave as the game will resume once any lighting danger or rain has subsided. If the game is suspended, please refer to the following rules. (Rule 16.1) unless (Rule 15.6) applies