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All rostered players must attend the mandatory weigh in on a Saturday within the first two weeks of August. 

This years weigh in will be on Saturday, August 12, 2023, Dicks Sporting Good - Southwest Plaza.    If your player does not weigh in prior to the first game they will not be able to play.  There are no exceptions.


2023 Spartans football weigh ins

Location: Dicks Sporting Good SOUTHWEST PLAZA - 8501 W. Bowles Ave Littleton CO 80123



Weigh in Times:

8:00AM: Bell, McIntos, Mills, Moe and Rullo

8:15AM: Boothe, Schmitt, Hartman, Cain, and Cooper

8:30AM:Conley, Mann and Tripp

8:45AM: Voss, hotchkiss and Herrera

9:00AM: Decker, Wagner and Price


*This is the time your team needs to be at the table to weigh.  Your team should be at the Dicks parking lot, IN ALFIBETICAL ORDER BY LAST NAME, 15 minutes before your weigh in time. A Spartan Delegate will call teams inside once AYL is ready for them to weigh in. 


*Late teams will not be able to weigh in at the designated time and will be bumped back to end of the line. If a player is not not there at your teams designated weigh in time, they will have to attend late weigh ins and pay a $40.00 CASH fee.


Important information:

  1. 15-minute intervals to weigh in teams, allow other team to clear the weigh in area before approaching table.
  2. Player will verify their name and date of birth.
  3. NO ADD forms for weigh in, NO EXCEPTION!


  1. NO parents can accompany their players and teams into weigh in area!
  2. Parents must stay in parking lot.
  3. Only TWO coaches will be allowed to lead the team into weigh in area. 
  4. Once teams have weighed, players are allowed to leave. 
  5. All players in 3rd to 7th grades must be physically be weighed in by AYL, to participate in the AYL game season. 8th grade will be weighed in by coaches. 
  6. If a player misses this date, late weigh in will be $40 cash.  Date/Time TBD