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Coaches Code of Conduct

*applied in 2018 to our program. 


Failure to comply will result in warning, suspension, dismissal from the league and all SYC activities or other action as deemed appropriate by the SYC President and  Board of Directors. 


1. Never criticize players, assistant coaches, referees or other league personnel in front of spectators. Reserve constructive criticism for private, or in the presence of the team should it benefit them. 

2. Accept decisions of the game officials on the field and league officials as being fair and called to the best of the official’s ability; if in question note on BLUE SHEET for review of AYL Board.

3. Do not criticize any opposing team or club, its players, coaches, team moms or fans by word of mouth, in writing, emails, tweets, Facebook or by gestures. 

4. Do not criticize the SYC or AYL by word of mouth in writing, emails, tweets, Facebook or gestures; as a coach you are responsible for enforcing this with the parents or guardians of players on the team. Understand it is a privilege to coach in this league and for the SYC.

5. Encourage good academic performance by your players. Emphasize that good athletes strive to be good students. 

6. Strive to make every football activity serve as a training ground for life and a basis for good mental and physical health. 

7. Emphasize winning the game is result of good teamwork. 

8. Together with game officials, be jointly responsible for the conduct and control of the team, fans, and spectators. Any fan that becomes a nuisance and is out of control shall be asked to leave and may result in suspension or further disciplinary actions up to dismissal from team and forfeiture of all registration fees and restriction from present and future participation in any SYC activity.


9. Refrain from using abusive and profane language before anyone. 

10. Coaches, players and team personnel are not to receive any kind of payment in cash services as a member of SYC. 

11. Do not allow ineligible player to participate in a game. 

12. Do not deliberately provoke unsportsmanlike conduct. 

13. Refrain from the drinking of alcoholic beverages on the game and practice fields. Do not engage in SYC coaching or refereeing activities while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. 

14. Remove from a game or practice any player when even a slightly in doubt of their health (whether or not as a result of injury) until competent medical advice is available. 

15. Control your fans. Remember, as a team coach, you are responsible for your team, and fan reaction will usually be in step with your reaction. When you are at SYC events (even if your team is not in the game) help control fans that are overreacting. 

16. Use only practice field assigned to your team by the SYC.  This is for insurance purposes.  Do not change to a different field unless directed by the SYC or Football Board Member.

17. Uphold all policies rules and regulations regarding Arapahoe Youth Football League. 

18. Do not associate SYC with any personal endeavors or public events such as but not limited to, camps or tournaments. SYC will not indemnify or insure any outside activity without prior Board of Directors approval.