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JUNE 18, JUNE 19, JUNE 20


For the 2021 season the Rockies are offering the option to purchase tickets on-line for any of the three games on the weekend of June 18 – 20 rather than the typical Friday only game.  Our game weekend will be against the Milwaukee Brewers!

The online purchase maximum is 12 tickets. These 12 tickets must be purchased against a single credit card.

For groups larger than 12, you can contact Hannah Browne directly at .  Hannah will work seat everyone together and she will waive the online fees. However, if they purchase a larger group through Hannah it would have to be a single credit card payment as a bulk purchase. For separate smaller payments, we would direct them to use the website.

Cost Details:

Arapahoe Youth League

June 18, June 19, June 20


  • Upper Reserved Infield $20 ($4 fundraiser)
  • Rightfield Mezzanine $25 ($3 fundraiser)
  • Outfield/Corner Outfield Box $35 ($9 fundraiser)
  • Outfield Club $50 ($4 fundraiser)

Your AYL link for June 18 – June 20 is officially LIVE. See details below.


Also attached is a document containing important information regarding pricing, minimums, etc. that will affect your link. PLEASE be sure to read this document carefully.