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Coach/Parent Meeting Agenda

Click above to download the Parent/Guardian Meeting Agenda - This form is to be used by each coach when holding Parent Meetings.  The form outlines topics that must be covered at parent meetings for all Spartan Youth Club sports.  You are able to input your sport, team, coach and also add additional agenda items for your specific sport and team. 

We are trying to present a consistent culture across the organization by covering the same topics for all teams and all sports.  You can elaborate as little or as much as you'd like on each topic but we ask that you cover each topic on some level.

Thanks for all you do and good luck for the upcoming season!

Note:  You'll need to save the file to your computer then open the file in Adobe Acrobat for the form fields to become active.  After you have filled the fields, you can print the file to a printer and distribute at your meeting or print as a PDF (that way the form fields will go away and only the information will remain) to distribute by email.)


Positive Coaching Alliance Development Zone

If you have attended one of our Coach Workshops presented by Positive Coaching Alliance, you will recall the discussion around this great resource now available to the Spartan Youth Club through our alliance with PCA.  We encourage you to click the link above and browse through all the great topics related to coaching, athletes, parents, officials, etc.

Below, we have added links to some of our favorite articles and resources.  You can click those links to go there directly or again, the link above to search the database or just browse.

Sample Parent Letter - you can download the PDF and send to your parents directly, cut and paste into an email or just use it as a reference or guide. 

Coaching Your Own Child - a great discussion and book excerpt about the trials and tribulations of coaching your own daughter or son.  If you have tried it, you know it's a bit different then coaching the rest of the kids.  We encourage you to read.

Role of the Culture Keeper - a great one for Team Moms/Managers.  We rely on you to not only schedule snacks and send out reminder emails, but also...and more importantly...help keep the culture positive and enjoyable primarily for the kids but also for everyone else involved.

Tips for the First Time Coach - there are few things that stand out in my mind more than the first time I stepped up to coach a youth sports team.  The excitement (and chaos) of that first game, the eyes of kids looking back at me, hanging on every word and the satisfaction I felt when I ran into that first child in the grocery store and he referred to me as "Coach".  Check out this article for some great ideas.

Double Goal Coach Job Description - check this out for some great tools on how to make your coaching, and your team's, experience a positive and enjoyable one.