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Listed below are details about the method of team selection for Boys Lacrosse.


Orgainizing over 350 players across over 23 teams is the hardest part of the process.

We start with teams from last season.

Teams are formed based on grade level and ability.

Ability Levels:  The AYL uses 4 levels of play

  > Red = Elite/Highest Level of Play

  > Silver = Very Experienced

     (note:  This level is only offered based on need / number of AYL teams)

  > White = Advanced Level of play

  > Blue = Beginner / Instructional

     Note:  In older grades, Blue Level is not necessarily beginner, rather players

     with less experience than White/Red players.  We routinely have Blue

     level teams in the higher grades where players have 4+ years experience.


All Boys Lacrosse teams are COACH SELECT.


This means the HEAD COACH determines his entire roster. 


Players are not guaranteed a position on the same team they played on last year. 

Especially in cases when a coach decides to 'move up' in the level of play. 

(Ex:  Moving up from Blue to White).


A list of current Head Coaches by GRADE and LEVEL OF PLAY is posted under the "TEAMS / COACHES" tab under Boys Lacrosse.


NEW PLAYERS - If a current head coach has any oppenings you can contact them to be placed on their team.  The Spartans will build NEW teams but we'll need a head coach for the new teams.  


During your registration, you’ll see the following section:


Head Coach / Team Assignment


The Spartans teams are COACH SELECT.   This means a head coach will submit a roster of the players he wants to have on his team.   A list of head coaches and their email address will be listed under "Boys Lacrosse" once we finalize who the coaches will be for each team / at each grade.  Parents can contact a coach to request playing on their team.   Head coaches will let parents know if their son will have a playing spot on their team.   NEW players can also contact an existing coach -- or they will be placed on a NEW team that will be formed with new players.  Based on the number of kids signed up, it's possible for a new player to be assigned to an existing coach/team.  Volunteer coaches will be needed as we form new teams.  We'll keep an updated player count and 'roster' of coaches listed under BOYS LACROSSE.



  • The list of head coaches for each grade is listed on the Spartan Lacrosse tab.


    Note:  Most teams will stay together on the same team from last season, but parents will need to confirm with their head coach that a spot will be available for their son.   Parents also have the ability to contact other coaches to request playing on their team.  With head coach approval, boys can switch teams within their grade.


    As always, if you have any questions about this new process please feel free email or call me anytime.



    Greg Mellinger

    Spartan Lacrosse Director



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