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Spartan Lacrosse Families,


Uniforms can be ordered on the following link:



All Spring players are required to wear a uniform.

Boathouse is our uniform provider.

All orders are placed on the Boathouse online site and items are mailed directly to your home.

Individual items can also be purchased if necessary (lost item, son needs a bigger jersey, etc)


Uniform Numbers:

There's a space on the registration to request a specific uniform number.

Current players keep the same number as last season.

New players can request a number - but if that number is already taken within their grade then a new number will be assigned by the Spartan lacrosse uniform manager.


If last year's uniform still fits then you do not need to buy another one.


Sizing Chart:

  • There is a sizing chart graph on the website once you select an item
  • You can use this chart to help determine what size of each item to purchase


The online site from Boathouse will be open from 1/2 to 1/22.   It will take 4-5 weeks for the uniforms to arrive once we place the final order on 2/1 for everyone that ordered online.


Uniforms are guaranteed to be delivered by Friday, March 15th.


Please email me if you have any other questions.




Greg Mellinger

Spartan Lacrosse Director


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