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Information on this page is subject to change.  It largely reflects the details from last year and there is a good chance there will be no change or very slight changes.  However, until the league delegates are able to meet and organize the details of the upcoming season, just know that things can change.


The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) are listed with answers to help you better understand Spartans Volleyball

1. Who may participate in Spartans volleyball?

Any child (boy or girl) from 1st to 8th grade. We group teams by grade: 2nd grade and under, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and a Senior division which is comprised of 8th graders. Each individual grade could then be divided into two divisions (National and American) with the National being the more experienced and more competitive teams. 

2. When does volleyball registration occur?

Online individual registration for Spartans volleyball opens in December.  Registration is usually complete the second week of February or when ages are full.  Typically, previous year players will receive an email reminder about when online registration begins.

3. When does the typical volleyball season run?

Practice typically begins the second or third week of February. The regular season starts with the first games being played on the first weekend of March and ends around the last week of April or first weekend in May. The end of season tournament takes place immediately after the regular season and usually concludes by the middle of May. The season calendar varies year to year by as much as two weeks.

4. How do I go about registering my child for volleyball?

There is only one way to register your child for Spartans volleyball.

Online registration (look for link on the Spartans home page). By signing up online you will also be automatically added to the Spartans email list to receive notices. Registration closes by age group when the teams at that age group are full.

5. What is the cost to play Spartans volleyball?

The cost for Spartan volleyball changes slightly from year to year. 

2023 Registration fees:

Early Bird Registration – $300 - November 1, 2022, through December 1, 2022, at midnight *must be paid by 12/1/2022 to received discount.

Standard Registration – $325 - December 2, 2022, through January 10, 2023, at midnight

Late Registration - $350 – Any registration received after January 10, 2023


6. What does the registration fee cover?

The fee covers may items including but not limited to:

  • Registration costs which are league fees, insurance costs, coach background checks, mailing list costs, etc.
  • Practice costs such as gym usage & permits, coaching and practice equipment.
  • Game costs such as game gym usage & permits, including weekly gym set up/tear down, official’s costs, website scheduling and score reporting costs, and officials’ evaluation costs.
  • Spartans volleyball operating expenses such as bank fees, credit card fees, ongoing coaching evaluations, coaches training clinics, and education, administration costs, insurance, copying, postage, etc.

7. What equipment will I have to purchase for my child to play volleyball?

Each individual player is responsible for purchasing his/hers own game uniform (jersey and shorts) (note: for 2023, uniforms are being provided by the club) and athletic shoes. It is strongly recommended that all players wear knee pads whenever they play for protection. It will be up to each coach’s discretion whether or not to require the purchase of individual volleyballs and team socks. Uniform information will be distributed once teams are established.

8. Where do we purchase Spartans volleyball uniforms?

All Spartans volleyball teams must wear the board approved volleyball uniform jerseys that can be purchased at the Spartans store. Game short must be black and can be purchased at any local sporting goods store. 

9.  How is a new player assigned to a team? Are there tryouts?

A volleyball player is assigned to a team based on what the player’s current grade in school, school and experience. We attempt to place a new player on a team with similar experience level. Then if there are multiple choices we will try to match the new player with a team that has other players from the same school or within the middle school feeder system. Priority for placement is based on what date you registered online.

Spartan volleyball players may request to play with a friend or a particular coach. This can be noted in the notes/comments section of the online registration process. If a team preference is indicated on the registration form, Spartans will endeavor to grant that preference. However, there are other factors such as team level of competitive play, specific team roster openings, etc, that affect that placement.

At this time, Spartans does not hold tryouts for any Spartans teams. The Spartans reserve the right to change this policy in the future.

10. How many players are on a team?

Team size can vary depending upon the number of participants registering to play but the preferred roster size is 8-12 players.

11. Where, when and how often is practice?

Typically, all of our practice gyms are located at Fox Ridge Middle School or Endeavor Academy

Most teams will practice 2 times per week. The start and end time for practices is determined by Spartans and generally takes into account the coaches work schedule as well as the school schedule our players are under. For the most part, the younger the age of the team the earlier and the shorter the practices will run. Generally, practices are 60 minutes long.

12. What if my child decides after signing up that he/she does not like volleyball and wants to quit? What is the refund policy?

All registration fees for Spartans volleyball are 100% non-refundable once practices begin. Before the Monday of practices, you can request a refund, a $25 administrative fee will be applied to any refunds.  If you wish to discuss this policy please contact the Spartans volleyball representative.


13. Who can be a coach?

Anyone can apply to be a head coach or an assistant coach. All coaching candidates will go through a pre-certification process. The process involves filling out an application, undergoing a background check and completing an interview with the Spartans volleyball representative. All Spartans coaches are required to attend any mandated yearly AYL & Spartans coach trainings and are encouraged to attend any local coaching clinics if they can as well. Specific coach training and skill/drill information is available to any authorized Spartans volleyball coach. If you are interested in coaching Spartans volleyball please contact the Spartans volleyball representative directly.

14. How can I help?

There are many volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering your time to the Spartans organization, please contact the Spartans volleyball representative directly.